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Horror Author Details

There is a very nice PDF file by Penguin which serves as teachers' notes for their book The Room in the Tower and Other Ghost Stories

The link to this is here

I take the liberty of copying some of it - all the rights are theirs of course.

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu (1814-1873)
This Irish novelist was born into a well-educated Dublin family. He trained as a lawyer but never practised. Instead he started writing short stories, and his first novel, The Cock and Anchor, appeared in 1845. He became owner and editor of the Dublin University Magazine in 1849. But it was not until 1861, three years after his wife died, that his most important work began. Le Fanu was one of the best-selling writers of the 1860s–80s, writing ingenious tales of mystery and terror. Among the most famous are The House by the Churchyard (1863) and the remarkable collection of short stories entitled In a Glass Darkly (1872). Sadly the public then lost interest in Le Fanu’s work. However, in the twentieth century, Le Fanu’s reputation rose steadily. He is now recognized as being almost unequalled as a writer of sinister and supernatural stories.

Edward Frederic Benson (1867–1940)
 Edward Frederic Benson came from a talented literary  family. He was the son of a clergyman and was born in  Wellington College, Berkshire, England, where his father  was the headmaster. E F Benson spent his childhood in  some great houses as his father – who later became the  Archbishop of Canterbury – moved upwards through  the ranks of the clergy. He was a prolific writer – as were  his brothers Arthur and Robert – writing over 100 books  including novels, biographies and books on different  subjects such as sport, politics, war and archaeology. He  published his first novel Dodo in 1893, but today he is  best known for his tales of the supernatural and for the six  ‘Mapp and Lucia’ books, the first of which was published  in 1920. E F Benson spent the last twenty years of his life  in Rye, East Sussex, England, and he was mayor of the  town three times from 1934–37. He died in London in 1940.

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