Friday, 20 December 2013

Jerry Bundler by WW Jacobs

Here you will find a dramatic version of the story of The Ghost of Jerry Bundler. Here's the beginning:


Scene.—The Commercial Room in an old-fashioned
hotel in a small country town. An air of old-fashioned
comfort is in evidence everywhere. Old sporting prints
on the walls.

On the table top are half a dozen candlesticks, old-fashioned
in shape with snuffer attached. Two pairs of carpet
slippers are set up within fender. Red curtains to
window recess. Shutters or blinds to windows. Armchair
and about six other chairs in the room. One
old-fashioned settle. One small table. Clock. Decanter
of water, half a dozen toddy tumblers. Matches,
etc. The only light is a ruddy glow from the fire. Kettle
on hob. Moonlight from R. of window when shutter
is opened. Practical chandelier from ceiling or lights
at side of mantelpiece. Doctor's coat and muffler on
chair up L., his cap on mantelpiece.

All lights out, dark stage. Opening music. Curtain
rise—ticking of clock heard. Wind, then church clock
chimes, the Lights come very slowly up, then the red
glow is seen in the fireplace the low murmurs of the
characters heard, and gradually get louder as lights
come up to when John Somers' voice tops all.

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